by Partido

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Bonus track from "The Ruins" recording sessions.


The filthy league is already ahead
they´re freaking out like babies
telling basement tales
a solid flood appeared one day
this new deal is now on

Parafine's up in the air
frustration's growing
why we had to reach this point
why we had to be so wrong

They're feeling free
with shake of hands
and we are carrying with the guilt to be so pure at heart
The paid for us as replicants
the shame is now among us
the sound of hundred millions streets will be loud forever
when isolation's not a choice, when all the damage has been done

I heared them screaming downtown
I saw them coming downtown
I saw them suffering dowtown
And I saw them bleeding.


released May 8, 2015
Composed and played by Partido
Recorded at Reb Bull Studios (Oswaldo Terrones) and Bind Records (Santos Berrocal)
Produced by Santos & Fluren
Coros: Fluren
Mastered at Impact Mastering by Alvaro Balañá
Cover photo: manel O. company